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Shampoo Sulphates….0%  Paraben…0%  Gluten…0%   Alcohol (denatured)…0%   Formaldehdye…0%   Salt…0%   Artificial Colour…0%   Biodegradable…100%

Sojourn Collection


Volume Range

Volume are carefully formulated with a unique polymer to give hair maximum volume, body and shine without opening the cuticle or fading colour. Whisper light, plant derived emollients give added moisture to fine, dull, lifeless or colour treated hair for a healthy sine and exceptional volume that lasts all day.


Colour Range

Colour are formulated with a potent plant derived UV inhibitor for maximum protection against environment free radical damage caused by UV light. The low pH formula locks in colour to prevent premature fading for richer, vibrant, longer lasting colour and shine.


Texture Range

Texture range is all 4.5-5.5 pH. Unisex styling to achieve the catwalk look. Whether that be a piecey style that still has movement, sleek styles or soft shiny look, tame frizz, controllable body to your locks or to smooth down fly-aways, you can always achieve the style you want.


Moisture Range

Moisture uses our exclusive blend of keratin cashmere and cystine to penetrate essential amino acid nutrients deep into the hair’s cuticle to maximise hydration and restore the hair’s lustre.


Smooth Range

Smooth are blended with a unique protein silicone cross-polymer specifically designed to close the cuticle, smooth and recondition hair. These luxuriously rich products are ideal for frizzy, fly-aways or curly hair types and those who desire a soft, flawlessly smooth and finished look.


pH perfect 4.5-5.5

Shampoo Sulphates…0%   Paraben…0%
Formaldehyde…0%    Salt…0%
Gluten…0%   Alcohol (denatured)…0%
Artificial Colour…0% Biodegradable…100%

My hair has always given me much of my confidence but with moving several months ago I now have hard water with a very high ph causing my hair to become extremely brittle, a nightmare to comb/style and prone to serious breakage. I have since been avoiding living my life. Fed up of the hermit I became I decided to research hair extensively which led me to discovering Sojourn. This is where my hair and life drastically changed. I could not believe the difference after one use. Your products have made my hair look so full, so soft, so shiny and really easy to style. Even with all the breakage my hair looks so healthy giving me the confidence to actually be seen in public again!!! I can not thank you enough for creating such an amazing product that has immensely changed my life!! I am a forever customer.

Leave-in Detangler – I love this product. It is very effective in detangler, all done with no salts or chemicals. My hair feels great and smells great too.

What they say about Sojourn

Thermal Protection Straightener Review – Nice product that makes my split ends softer and sleek. Very lightweight but amazingly moisturising! I used to stick with John Frieda’s old version of anti-frizz serum to set my hair (currently my hair is bright grey after 6-7 bleaching) but it seemed like it never ‘moisturise’ as it was advertised. Sojourn does make hair feel smooth and ‘protected’!

Shampoo and Conditioner Moisture – This shampoo & conditioner has been great for my hair so far! I was looking for products that were more natural with fewer ingredients, and I think these fit the bill!

Shampoo Colour Preserve Review – This has been one of the best shampoos I’ve tried, leaves hair soft, hair not dull, and has a nice scent that is not overpowering. Highly recommended this.

Monoi Oil Hair Treatment Review – I love all Sojourn products! I started using them on the recommendation of my stylist. Been letting a pixie cut grow out and going 8 weeks between trims and do not have dead or split ends like I have had before. Highly recommend.

Wet Dry Volume Gel – This product was recommended to me by a friend who sells high-end hair products to high-end hair salons. It does what it claims to do: adds volume to hair. It also adds lots of shine and makes hair very controllable. If you want to add volume and shine to your hair, this is a great product to add to your beauty routine.

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